MOS Photos

I am scanning hundreds of MOS photos from the school archives, and have taken hundreds of photos myself.
For a better viewing experience, photos have been placed in sets. See below for links to these.
Look for more photos added regularly as more are scanned and e-mailed to me.

RACS Photos
Click HERE to view photos of the school since it became RACS.

Class Photos
Click HERE to view graduating class photos.
The following years I am missing, and ask that if you have a photo to please contact me!

Missing years: 1947, 1949, 1951, 1953-55, 1957, 1962-63, 1965, 1969, 1971
Recently added: 1966 & 1968

Homeroom/Faculty Photos
Click HERE to view individual homeroom class photos & faculty photos.
There are many missing from the archives, so if you have any please let me know!
Recently added: Sr. De Lourdes, Class 8-1, 1967-68

Sports Photos
Click HERE to view sports related photos.

School Building Interior Photos
Click each link to go to a photo album.
If you are unsure of what each room is,
click for a floor plan of the main level, or lower level.
Classroom names are those used from the mid 1970s through late 1990s.
They represent the grade level, followed by a room designation.

Boiler Room

Classroom 1A
Classroom 1C (Orlicki Library)
Classroom 2D
Classroom 2F
Classroom 3E
Classroom 3G
Classroom 4-1
Classroom 4-2
Classroom 5-1
Classroom 5-2
Classroom 6-1
Classroom 6-2
Classroom 7-1
Classroom 7-2 (original science lab)
Classroom 8-1
Classroom 8-2
Computer Lab (original library)
Hot Lunch Room
(former A/V Room)
Offices, Halls, and Stairwells

Convent Interior Photos
Click HERE.
Floor plans of the convent are a work in progress.

Vandalism & Damage Photos
Click HERE.

These pictures are really saddening.

Exterior Photos
Click HERE.

Historical Articles/Photos
See History page

Micellaneous Photos
Church Hall
2012 Festival

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