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None currently planned or reported to this site.


None currently planned or reported to this site.

School Building Status

The MOS school building is now owned by the Rochester Academy Charter School (RACS) and is used as their high school.
is their website.

The school's new address is 1757 Latta Road, in place of the original 1777 Latta Road address.

Click HERE to view photos of the school since it became RACS.

The following are notable changes made to the building to accomodate the high school:

Below is a photo of main hallway looking south, with new paint, flooring, and lockers:

Convent Status

The convent is owned by RACS and is now 1737 Latta Road instead of 1701, and is in a state of decline due to prior vandalism and water damage.
It will most likely be demolished to make way for a future RACS building, but there are no definitive plans at this time.

Old Church Building Status

The old church is owned by RACS and is currently being used as meeting, office, and physical education space for the school.


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