MOS Alumni Listing

There were a total of 3,281 8th grade MOS graduates from 1947-2010.
Click HERE to see a bar graph of class sizes over the years.

I have compliled all available class lists and put them into one PDF file.
If I have someone's e-mail address, their name will be a clickable link.

Please e-mail me if you wish to have your e-mail added to this alumni, faculty, and staff (AFS) list,
or if you find any typos that need correction!

If you are interested in class photos, see the Photos page.

Click to view: MOS AFS List - July 26, 2014
Updates will be posted as e-mail addresses are received.

In the school's archives I discovered a goldmine...a book printed in 1986 celebrating the school's 40th anniversary.
It contains a vast amount of alumni & faculty information and was distributed at the reunion held that year.
Click to view: Reflections - 1946-1986

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